Fresh coffee to go in under a minute, London to New York in 90 minutes (if Richard Branson’s new transatlantic airline dreams come true), high fashion on the catwalk on sale at half the price and quality the next day. Next day self-assembly cheap furniture in boxes, that lasts slightly longer than the time it takes to build.

Life is fast, we expect it to be, we want it now. Cheaper, easier, and quicker than before, in a few clicks done, ordered, dusted.

But how can something be truly special and unique if speed is the prime objective?

Of course, modern life needs this type of efficiency, mass production drives the economy. We all participate, and our lives are sustained by this response to our consumerism. We want our coffee strong and fast and our shopping to arrive in a blink of an eye.

This is why balancing the relentless pace of life with calm considered craftsmanship is important and why the joy of bespoke objects lovingly crafted remains an aspiration for many.

Commissioning a unique piece of bespoke furniture is a wonderful process. A fascinating and immersive experience like no other that culminates in you owning something entirely individual and that has the power to reconnect ourselves to the beauty of the handmade.

Commissioning custom made furniture offers genuine individuality, personalisation and flexibility. You will have input into every aspect of the piece, no-one will ever have a piece like yours.  Imagine how special it feels to have a vision in your mind turned in a handcrafted piece of furniture, that is unique to your needs and environment

N.E.J Stevenson has been designing and crafting bespoke furniture and architectural joinery for over 37 years. We make both contemporary and traditional designs for our clients, using the finest traditional skills complimented by the latest technologies and equipment.

We believe in the authenticity of quality, both in our materials and skills but also in our relationship with our customers. We see ourselves as partners, both invested in creating something exceptional for your now and for years to come.

We are deeply proud to be part of and contributing to a rich British tradition of furniture making. An industry that represents the best of British creativity in terms of elegance, beauty and remarkable skills.

Italian Saint Francis of Assisi said, ‘He who work with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head, and his heart is an artist’.

We know this to be true.