makers of fine furnituremakers of fine furnituremakers of fine furniture

At N. E. J. Stevenson, our master cabinet makers and designers specialise in fine custom-made furniture and bespoke architectural joinery. Our individual pieces and fitted interiors can be found around the world in elegant homes, executive suites and royal palaces crafted for private collectors, custodians and lovers of fine crafts.


We take pride in our heritage, rooted in the finest traditional skills, and our future embracing the latest technologies and equipment. Craft and innovation coming together to provide elegant solutions to our clients’ needs.

When you commission a piece from N.E.J. Stevenson, you do so in the certain knowledge that you will be creating a unique contribution to the legacy of British craftsmanship and craftspeople.

40 years strong40 years strong40 years strong

For four decades we have given our bespoke pieces free rein to speak of our commitment and dedication to our clients. The words on this page are merely a gateway to examples of some our exceptional commissions. We hope that through them you are inspired to enter into a relationship with N. E. J. Stevenson and together we can create the remarkable.