Our Approach


Whether you are commissioning a piece for your own pleasure, an architect or interior designer with exacting standards or perhaps a company looking to create innovative and iconic cabinetry for cherished brands, when you choose N.E.J. Stevenson as your master craftsman we enter into a commitment to assist you through each step of the process.

We encourage
all our clients
to visit our
workshops at
any stage



when we are commissioned to lead the design process, true to the centuries-old traditions of our craft, our initial approach begins with an in-depth personal consultation, a pencil and blank sheet of paper. Your design consultant’s role is to investigate your initial ideas; we aim to shape your creative process, define your intentions and open up new influences as a critical friend informed by our long experience.



one of our senior designers will steer the project right through to the final finishing touch. We encourage our clients to visit our workshops at any stage to gain the most from the experience of seeing the skills and meeting the craftspeople for whom each piece is a dedicated labour of love and who greatly appreciate the on-going engagement of the client.