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For over 40 years N.E.J. Stevenson has been designing and crafting beautiful bespoke furniture for discerning clientele the world over.

The range of projects we have been involved with is extensive, from sleek private residences, to authentic replicas of lost historic treasures. We work closely with interior designers, architects, developers and luxury brands as well as private clients to fulfil their visions and dreams; all of whom share a deep appreciation of the beauty of wood and the skill of the craftspeople who work with it.

Being both a furniture designer and manufacturer provides our client the reassurance that we have greater control over quality, delivery and budget.

Here you will find examples of some of our exceptional commissions for luxury interiors. We hope that through them you are inspired to enter into a relationship with N.E.J. Stevenson and together we can create the remarkable.



We have enjoyed working in major historical buildings and establishing relationships with important institutions from English Heritage, The Vatican, The National Trust,  the Church of England and The Royal Household. We take pride in our heritage, rooted in the finest traditional skills, and our future embracing the latest technologies and equipment. 

Our craftspeople are respectful of cabinetmaking traditions but open to exploring and utilising the most contemporary of products and materials in a journey of innovation and creativity. We would be delighted if you could join us on that adventure.

“A modern or simple design would have looked out of place in such a grand building. Without photographs of the stolen lectern, a key part of our brief was to identify an organisation that has the skill to design and produce and appropriate replacement, whilst ensuring that it was a practical piece of ecclesiastical furniture of suitable stature for such an important historical building”.

– Linda Clapham (Member of Project Team – Design and production of replacement Lectern St. Mary’s Church)



To design with complete freedom is a luxury and a privilege but it is not without its concerns. You have the opportunity to create something special, something unique and truly remarkable.  

Design is a mysterious pursuit, often, both lengthy and frustrating, but it is the investment in this fundamental art that gives true worth and justifies the expense of a bespoke commission.

Here at N.E.J. Stevenson our designers and expert craftspeople endeavour to challenge the normal conventions of traditional furniture appearance by creating pieces that are totally unique. Unrestricted by the requirements of a brief we indulge our passions. 


We have been privileged to be commissioned for several exciting projects in the luxury drinks sector, for some very well-known luxury brands.

Although this particular market was not one that anyone at N.E.J. Stevenson had ever considered as an area of potential work, we have gone on to complete major projects and the fit now seems like an obvious one. After all, in the same way that the finest Whisky, Cognac and Champagne is created with crucial attention to detail, here at N.E.J. Stevenson, we also believe that a bespoke commission requires a great deal of skill, care and attention in its craftsmanship.

What could be better for the finest vintages than the finest handcrafted boxes?


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