wooden coaster stack on a table


“Waste Not, Want Not”

Our ethos at NEJ Stevenson has always been to be as sustainable and respectful of the natural materials we use in all our manufacturing processes. As bespoke furniture makers we always keep all spare veneer, which we use if we ever need to make a complimentary piece for a client, as well as to live…

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In support Apprenticeship Week- ‘Build the Future”

Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of our industry and the economy we fully support National Apprenticeship Week 2022, taking place next week. The purpose of the week is to shine a light on the positive differences that apprenticeships make to individuals, employers and to the wider economy. Something that we know first-hand, as we have been…

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In The Making

PART 3 The interior in comparison to many of our whisky boxes appears quite simple with only a tray to hold four bottles of whisky and a drawer for two booklets but of course nothing is ever as simple as it appears. The tray needs to rotate through 90 degrees and be held at that…

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timer selection

Selecting the right wood

Which wood works best? If you’re commissioning a piece of furniture, specifying is certainly an exciting process and gives the client the chance to push the boundaries of the norm and work with the designer to create something truly unique. It is therefore vital to ensure that the journey is well planned with clear directions….

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When you start your own furniture making business it is usually because you are a good craftsman who wants to make furniture for a living. The problem of being good at it is that you end up running a business rather than doing what you initially set out to do. One of the benefits of…

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A Legacy of care and attention

The company ethos at NEJ Stevenson furniture makers is “doing the right thing by people” and treating everyone, employees, suppliers and customers with integrity and respect. The impact of this can be seen in several ways; client loyalty and repeat business being one, but also within the committed efforts made by the firm to nurture…

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Fresh coffee to go in under a minute, London to New York in 90 minutes (if Richard Branson’s new transatlantic airline dreams come true), high fashion on the catwalk on sale at half the price and quality the next day. Next day self-assembly cheap furniture in boxes, that lasts slightly longer than the time it…

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Picture of hands on wood and drawing a line on the wood

Craft as Salvation

Back in September 1999 Tony Blair announced that 50% of young people should go into higher education, which is a fine target if it meant that 50% of young people were going into a field that was relevant and of value to both them and the country. What happened was a drive to get young…

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table with oak top and base painted green

Bespoke Furniture – The New Standard?

Mass production furniture is an essential part of most furnishing schemes, but many buyers are looking for something more meaningful and simpler in origin than a standard item from a factory production line. Clients want something that evokes a response and has a unique origin. The awareness of climate and the environment is creating a…

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