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Specifying Bespoke Furniture

“Dado height raised and fielded high quality oak panelling to walls with semi-matt clear lacquer finish all as dwg”. The above is a typical example of a specification that we may receive from a designer, architect or quantity surveyor and to many, would appear to be a clear and precise description of what is required. …

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The Art of Bespoke Furniture: A Guide for Interior Designers

Have you ever thought about the most effective and conducive way to work with bespoke furniture makers? And why a positive collaboration is crucial for achieving successful commissions. Turning your vision for your client into a reality is what we do.  But to make that vision one that is achieved without compromise, delay, or cost…

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The Beauty of Bespoke

In today’s prime residential market, owning a bespoke piece of furniture is increasingly in demand from discerning buyers and collectors.  Clients want to know where a piece has come from, who made it and the materials used, and significantly they expect to pay a premium to get the exclusivity that comes with a bespoke commission….

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Craft as Salvation

Back in September 1999 Tony Blair announced that 50% of young people should go into higher education, which is a fine target if it meant that 50% of young people were going into a field that was relevant and of value to both them and the country. What happened was a drive to get young…

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Bespoke Interior

Buying Bespoke – The Michelin Star of Furniture

Buying mass produced furniture is convenient, with a scroll and a click of a mouse, consumers can get whatever they want, whether it be hallway cupboards, wardrobe, chest of drawers or a sideboard, delivered directly to their homes. Standard shapes, sizes and in some cases, colours can be selected with a few taps on a…

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Apprenticeships are the only way for us

In a recent news report by the BBC, Apprenticeships were reported as being on the decline. The reasons cited included apprentices finding the training poor quality and firms provided little or no training, according to a report by Education Think Tank, EDSK. The most recent official data suggests that nearly half of apprentices fail to complete…

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Bespoke Furniture – Why Invest

The benefits of buying bespoke timber furniture are extensive from the intense satisfaction of having a piece of unique handcrafted furniture designed to your own specifications to the support of British craftspeople and the wider economy along with the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and the use of an incredibly beautiful sustainable material. One…

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Designing for Success

Commissioning any piece of specialist work can be a daunting task particularly as you are likely to have to commit to some expenditure before you actually see the finished piece. If you are intending to obtain the greatest benefit from your patronage, there are a number of fundamental points to consider. You cannot short-circuit the…

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“Waste Not, Want Not”

Our ethos at NEJ Stevenson has always been to be as sustainable and respectful of the natural materials we use in all our manufacturing processes. As bespoke furniture makers we always keep all spare veneer, which we use if we ever need to make a complimentary piece for a client, as well as to live…

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