Reporting to: Project Director

The designer is accountable for completing all aspects of their role accurately, efficiently and within the agreed time scales. All of these activities will also be completed within the financial constraints of the project. The following statements are not exhaustive and other tasks maybe required for the designer to meet the needs of the role and of the business.

• All of the projects design requirements will be co-ordinated by the Designer.
• To identify any variations from the original tender and advise the Project Co-Ordinator of said adjustments.
• Prior to commencing initial manufacture or any variation the designer is to gain approval from the client or an NEJ Stevenson Ltd Director.
• Producing all of the agreed information for the Production and Installation departments. This information will be in a clear format, accurate and to the agreed standard.
• All information / tasks will be completed / delivered to the dedicated department or client on the agreed date.
• To co-ordinate all site surveys that affect their projects.
• To co-ordinate all design aspects from aesthetics, effective manufacture to installation requirements, which in turn will meet the client’s expectations.
• They will liaise with clients and provide a high level of service by being proactive in respect of the design and solving any potential problems that will hinder the projects effectiveness.
• The designers will present themselves in a professional manner / attire at all times.
• To be proactive in identifying personnel and company development opportunities by participating in the appraisal process.

Expressions of interest should be sent by email to David Drew, Project Director –

Please include the following documents in your application:
Curriculum Vitae

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