Bespoke Interior

Buying Bespoke – The Michelin Star of Furniture

Buying mass produced furniture is convenient, with a scroll and a click of a mouse, consumers can get whatever they want, whether it be hallway cupboards, wardrobe, chest of drawers or a sideboard, delivered directly to their homes.

Standard shapes, sizes and in some cases, colours can be selected with a few taps on a screen. Within a few days, it will arrive in large brown boxes, flat packed ready to be put together with incomprehensible instructions and probable marital arguments. Eventually these pieces are moved to their spots to do their job and hopefully they will last a reasonable time before they start falling apart.

That said, the process is useful and undoubtably convenient. Mass produced furniture has a place, and because of the economy of scale in the production and the materials and labour that are used, in most cases it is affordable.

However, alongside the quality and skill that goes into building something from scratch, by highly experienced craftspeople, what is also missing is uniqueness and individuality. The joy of owning a piece that is entirely exclusive to you and your home. This uniqueness adds a quality to the piece, that takes it from merely functional to a cherished part of a family’s story.

The process of bespoke furniture making also offers clients a high level of involvement in the piece’s design, feel and tone. All our clients are actively involved in the full process and shape every part of their handmade piece. It offers an exquisite connection to the furniture, that is far removed from the impersonal scrolling and clicking that buying something online or from a showroom. Investing in something so personalised ensures it quickly becomes an important heirloom to be passed down through generations.

Mass production of furniture does have a significant impact on the environment. When you choose mass-produced furniture, you are choosing products that have been built in large factories, using materials shipped from across the world. Our bespoke furniture is made locally, using high quality and sustainable materials. We even ensure that any off cuts of wood are recycled so our wood waste is kept to an absolute minimum.

Another benefit of bespoke versus mass produced is the ability to have furniture made to fit your space. It is unlikely that any standard piece of furniture will fit any space perfectly. The customisation that is offered by the made to measure craft process means that every possible space you have in your home can be made to work for you with beautiful pieces that reflect who you are.

There is no getting away from the fact that bespoke furniture is a more expensive purchase initially, it has to be, and arguably should be, when you consider the quality of the materials, skill and time used in its creation.  However when compared to the multiple purchases a consumer has to inevitably make to replace damaged or unloved mass produced furniture, the investment very quickly makes sense.

Mass produced furniture definitely has its place, as does fast food,  but when you consider its homogeneous nature and environmental and economic impact,  we would recommend a hearty, slow cooked beef bourguignon using the finest ingredients and cooked just how you like it, over a quick, cheap burger any day.