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Bespoke Furniture – Why Invest

The benefits of buying bespoke timber furniture are extensive from the intense satisfaction of having a piece of unique handcrafted furniture designed to your own specifications to the support of British craftspeople and the wider economy along with the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint and the use of an incredibly beautiful sustainable material.

One of the many benefits of commissioning bespoke furniture is the ability to tailor the piece to your exact requirements from the materials and dimensions to the style. No longer do you have to compromise on the how it fits or its functionality, every unusual shaped room or alcove can be accommodated with a piece beautifully crafted to achieve the best use of available space. The piece can be configured to the most exacting specification allowing you to truly create a unique piece.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture is the immersive experience of working closely with the skilled artisans to deliver something that is uniquely tailored to your vision. The magic of seeing your imagination brought to reality and then every day being able to appreciate the joy of investing in a unique creation.

Of course, a piece of truly unique furniture represents a major investment but one that will stand the test of time and hopefully be passed on to be appreciated anew representing incredible value for money over pieces that lack the quality and resilience borne of true skill and artistry.

Timber is by far the most environmentally friendly material, which is simple to grow and traps carbon forever, even when it is machined and worked into products. It becomes even more environmentally friendly when the timber is sourced locally and of course the longer its life the better still. What could be better than locally designed, locally sourced, and locally made products.

Britain has an amazing craft industry with world renowned practitioners creating the most amazing products across a dizzying array of disciplines. If you are thinking of buying something of true quality that lasts and will be a source of pleasure for ever, what could be better than buying it from a homegrown business that supports a local supply chain and workforce?