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Pocket Doors

What is a pocket door?

A pocket door can refer to two different types of doors:

  1. A door that slides in one direction into a preformed cavity. This is normally a room door where the door leaf disappears into the wall next to it and can be a single or a pair.
  2. A door that opens at 90 degrees and is then slid back into a pocket at right angles to the doors closed position. You can also have pairs of doors that slide together first and then go back into a pocket. For accuracy refer to this as a hinged pocket door.

Are there any things that we should be concerned about when specifying a sliding pocket door?

There are a few things to consider:

• Access

Simple overhead tracks very rarely go wrong but you will need access for maintenance, particularly if you have automated and/or soft close systems. Therefore, you will need removable panels to access the mechanism and awkward details can be avoided by considering this at an early stage.

• Weight

If your door is particularly heavy you should incorporate a soft close or damping system otherwise you will find that using them will be accompanied by loud thuds and bangs. You should be aware that a heavy door closing can be quite dangerous to children and hands.

• Handles

It seems fairly obvious to say that if you want your door to be hidden completely in the pocket then the handles have to be flush with the face or in the edge.
If you are having a surface mounted handle make sure the door stops before it meets the frame to avoid damage and to make use easier.

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