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Crafting Knowledge through Continuous Professional Development

For over 35 years N.E.J. Stevenson Ltd has been at the heart of the rich tradition Great Britain has of fine quality furniture making. When you engage with N.E.J Stevenson you are helping to maintain that tradition of excellence and ensuring a future for a trade that continues to evolve utilising new materials and techniques but with the same focus on excellence.

Fully understanding how bespoke furniture is crafted and the wider understanding of materials and specifications allows professionals to better design and specify projects.  N.EJ. Stevenson’s commitment to informing the wider industry has been greatly valued over many years and has underpinned N.E.J Stevenson’s decision to adapt their free Continuous Professional Development (CPD) presentations for the current COVID 19 landscape.  

It is with great pleasure that the company can now offer all current and prospective clients a safe experience in the heart of their purpose-built workshops in Rugby, Warwickshire or as an entirely virtual experience over Zoom.

The N.E.J Stevenson CPD presentations offer a look at the process of creating bespoke furniture. The presentations will give participants the chance to meet the cabinetmakers responsible for creating the pieces and explore some of the common and sometimes costly mistakes that are made in specifications.

The CPD training can be entirely bespoke and tailored to the specific requirements and business needs of the attendees and projects at hand or they can follow a series of set topics.

The training presentations serve to take all through the journey of bespoke joinery, offering knowledge and insight that will ultimately help save time, money and give an inside-out perspective on the process. 

CPD topics that can be covered include:

  • Material selection. How to choose wisely and avoid specifying the wrong materials and why.
  • Sustainability: An introduction to the complex world of certification, and some of the common mistakes made in specification documents 
  • How to save money on specifying joinery: How to avoid the early errors 
  • Working with sub-contractors: An essential guide to selecting the right company for your project 

The N.E.J Stevenson CPD presentations will provide both an insight into the company, its values and the process of crafting custom-made furniture. Thus, ensuring your project is seamless, cost and time effective.

For further details please contact (0) 2476 544 662 or email