Supporting The Arts

Bespoke furniture maker, Neil Stevenson of NEJ Stevenson Ltd has been asked to join the mentoring committee at The Art Worker’s Guild (AWG).  

Founded in 1884 and based in London, the AWG represents over 60 creative disciplines and boasts a membership of over 350 artists craftspeople and architects. It aims to promote craftsmanship and excellence in the applied arts. 

As a Brother of the AWG, Neil supports events and activities that are held by the AWG, most recently, NEJ Stevenson supported the exhibition entitled “Furniture: The Craft Behind the Style” that took place from May to August. One of the founding principles of the Guild is “learning by doing” which the mentoring programme aims to fulfil by calling on the experience and expertise of established craftspeople to assist students and those who have embarked on a professional career in the visual arts.

Neil Stevenson enjoys mentoring young and upcoming craftspeople, “I like mentoring, it allows you to pass on your experience to others without them necessarily having to deal with the disappointments and difficulties that we went through.  It gives you the opportunity to pass on advice whilst the onus is on the mentee to follow through.”