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Sunny Outlook

Following the completion of the new car park and extension N.E.J. Stevenson are excited to be starting on a range of environmental measures, which will be of both environmental and economic benefit.

October will see the installation of 50KWp PV array on our conveniently south facing rear roof. The system will utilise smart panels which prevent a reduction in generating capacity if any of the panels are in shade. The estimated annual generation is 45,000 KWh with 70% being used and 30% exported to the grid.

We are delighted to be working with Bright Green Renewables a local company only 13 miles away who have a long and distinguished track record of suppling environmental solutions.

The final phase of the building redevelopment will be the office area, where we are already in consultation with Bright Green about the use of air source heat pumps to both heat and cool the building.