Premier Residential

Whether we are working with: professional construction companies to transform beautiful properties into lavish homes, visionary interior designers who require us turn their clients' dreams into reality or exclusive architectural practices who demand we make the non-standard seem simplicity itself, we are extremely well equipped to cater for all their needs and we have been doing so for many years.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort."
John Ruskin 1819-1900

The synopsis below shows just a few of the sumptuous properties our specialist teams have designed and crafted bespoke interiors for. (Click on a property name to display that image)

26 Abbotsbury Road
6 Basil Mansions
71 Blenheim Crescent
16 The Boltons
97 Cadogan Gardens
33 Cadogan Place
55 Cadogan Place
105 Cadogan Place (Gardens)
59 Cadogan Square
21 Campden Hill Square
13 - 16 Carlton House Terrace
14 Caroline Terrace
12 Charles Street
37 Chesham Place
42 Clapham Common
Bourdon House, No2 Davies Street
3 - 10 Grosvenor Crescent
36 Eaton Square
95 EatonSquare
9 Eaton Terrace
99 Eaton Terrace
56 Egerton Crescent
82 Elm Park Road
4 Farm Lane, Fulham
15 Grosvenor Square
27 Hans Place
Hans Court, 2 Hans Road
14 Holland Park
17 Ilchester Place
130 Kensington Park Road
42 Kensington Square
Knightsbridge Apartment
4 Lansdowne Crescent
67 Lansdowne Road
11 Onslow Square
18 Ormonde Gate
Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall
100 Park Lane
55 Portland Place
12 Queens Gate Place
3a Seymour Walk
14 Stanhope Mews West
31 Tite Street
11 Tregunter Road
18 Tregunter Road
17-22 Trevor Square
35 Trevor Square
St Saviours House, Walton Street
3 Welbeck House
"I would like to firstly thank NEJ for the work carried out at Palace Green and commend your team on the hard work they did to achieve the finish of joinery required, especially praising two people that went over and above the call of duty to ensure the product was matched by the service. David Drew was fantastic as the design manager on the project and I have worked with many joinery companies and would go as far to say he is the best I have come across so far. I would also say that Steven Nash was an asset going the extra mile to get the works done and was one of the only operatives I would let have direct interface with the client."
Jamie Valente, Finishes Manager BYUK High End Residential
Client Category Project Location
Specialist Construction 26 Abbotsbury Road London
Private Client 6 Basil Mansions London
Professional Interior Designer 71 Blenheim Crescent London
Specialist Construction 16 Boltons, The London
Private Client 97 Cadogan Gardens London
Professional Interior Designer 33 Cadogan Place London
Specialist Construction 55 Cadogan Place London
Construction Consultancy 105 Cadogan Place (Gardens) London
Private Client 59 Cadogan Square London
Architectural Practice 21 Campden Hill Square London
Contruction Consultancy 13 - 16 Carlton House Terrace London
Professional Interior Designer 14 Caroline Terrace London
Private Client 12 Charles Street London
Architectural Practice 37 Chesham Place London
Specialist Construction 42 Clapham Common London
Niche Retailer Bourdon House, No2 Davies Street London
Private Client 36 Eaton Square London
Specialist Construction 95 Eaton Square London
Private Client 9 Eaton Terrace London
Construction Consultancy 99 Eaton Terrace London
Private Client 56 Egerton Crescent London
Private Client 82 Elm Park Road London
Private Client 4 Farm Lane, Fulham London
Specialist Construction 3 - 10 Grosvenor Crescent London
Private Client 15 Grosvenor Square London
Client Category Project Location
Private Client 27 Hans Place London
Construction Consultancy Hans Court, 2 Hans Road London
Specialist Construction 14 Holland Park London
Construction Consultancy 17 Ilchester Place London
Private Client 130 Kensington Park Road London
Private Client 42 Kensington Square London
Private Client Knightsbridge Apartment London
Professional Interior Designer 4 Lansdowne Crescent London
Private Client 67 Lansdowne Road London
Construction Consultancy 11 Onslow Square London
Specialist Construction 18 Ormonde Gate London
Architectural Practice Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall London
Specialist Construction 100 Park Lane London
Private Client 55 Portland Place London
Specialist Construction 12 Queens Gate Place London
Specialist Construction 3a Seymour Walk London
Professional Interior Designer 14 Stanhope Mews West London
Specialist Construction 31 Tite Street London
Private Client 11 Tregunter Road London
Specialist Construction 18 Tregunter Road London
Private Client Trevor Square London
Professional Interior Designer 35 Trevor Square London
Professional Interior Designer St Saviours House, Walton Street London
Construction Consultancy 3 Welbeck House London
Transforming places, transforming lives