The House of Commons launches 'Made by Britain'

It is widely accepted that for Britain to build a healthy future out of the current economic downturn, it must ensure manufacturing forms an integral part of that strong recovery, and that our designers, engineers, printers, and all of their counterparts be encouraged and supported.

In our February newsletter we reported on the 'We Love Manufacturing' scheme and the comments of the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP who described the existing attitude towards manufacturing amongst the country's student population. Yet British manufacturing is an untold tale of innovation and ingenuity: Representing 12-13% of the nation's GDP and providing 50% of all exports, manufacturing is one of the few sectors which can strengthen our economy today.

Building a solid path to long-term recovery requires a change in public thinking, and to achieve this, the Government needs to take the lead in sustaining such a transformation by conveying the fact that manufacturing is 'cool'.

This was proven this week when the Rt Hon Dr Cable launched the campaign 'Made by Britain' to fellow parliamentarians. The scheme which is the modern equivalent of the Great Exhibition of 1851 aims to raise awareness of Britain's manufacturing prowess amongst the wider public, showcasing the abilities of firms across the country.

Forty representatives of an all-party manufacturing steering group launched the campaign in the House of Commons this week to 610 of their fellow MP's. Each member of the group nominated the strongest example from each of their respective constituencies and we are delighted to say that N.E.J. Stevenson Ltd was nominated by our local MP Mark Pawsey. Mr Pawsey submitted the design of our contemporary Revolver table, the case study for which can be seen here.

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, said: "Despite being the world's 7th largest manufacturer, the British public has learnt to associate 'manufacturing' with the negative effects of industrial decline: derelict factories, empty warehouses and poorly paid jobs. But in fact, one of our greatest strengths is that we are a nation of skilled designers, makers, and engineers.

'Made By Britain' is a brilliant opportunity to bring together politicians, Whitehall and industry to celebrate and exhibit the productivity and creativity of British manufacturing today, 160 years on from the Great Exhibition of 1851."

The campaign will be available to view as an interactive online map and we hope to publish details of where you can view it soon. If you are a manufacturer and would like to nominate one of your products that can champion British manufacturing please speak to your local Member of Parliament about getting involved.

Posted on 6th July 2011

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