Bespoke furniture company N.E.J Stevenson, has completed its latest luxury commission, creating an exceptional oak box, encased in emerald leather with a rare Indian goat skin interior, to house the final whisky in The Macallan in Lalique Six Pillars Collection.

N.E.J Stevenson has crafted this high quality finished product for the sixth and final addition to The Macallan in Lalique Six Pillars Collection. The box is veneered in burr oak with inlaid mirror polished copper sheet. The interface between the two materials proved an especially challenging element of the project, requiring the two sections to be made and fitted, then independently polished before being reassembled. Internally, NEJ Stevenson has created a hinged section that holds a book.

NEJ Stevenson has created 450 boxes in a complex process where the company’s precise attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship have shone through at every stage, from veneering to assembly, inlaying the copper and creating the interiors to be covered in leather. The copper has been polished and lacquered by Osprey and the leather work has been undertaken by Shepherds book binders.

The partnership between French crystal house Lalique and The Macallan started in 2005, with the joint aim of celebrating the art, beauty, heritage and craftsmanship of both whisky and crystal making. This sixth and final release continues to showcase the commitment of both Lalique and The Macallan to create beautiful and desirable objets d'art. NEJ Stevenson was the natural choice for the box, due to their reputation for exceptional joinery and creative design, as well as the company’s experience in designing and creating unique, presentation cases for the luxury drinks market.

“To be a part of such a renowned series is a great privilege and is the perfect platform for us to showcase our craftsmanship,” says Neil Stevenson, Managing Director of NEJ Stevenson. “After all, in the same way that the finest Whisky is created with crucial attention to detail, here at N.E.J Stevenson, we also believe that a bespoke commission such as this requires a great deal of skill, care and attention in its craftsmanship. What could be better for the finest whisky than the finest handcrafted boxes?”

The final decanter in this global sell out collection, is named the 'Peerless Spirit', which features a 65 year old whisky from The Macallan – one of the oldest and rarest to be released from the distillery - and is housed in NEJ Stevenson’s green leather and oak box. Mirroring the focal peerless drop on the Lalique crystal decanter, a copper droplet is placed on the front of the cask, whilst the interior fitment has been lined with an exquisite rare leather made from Indian goat skin to give it a luxurious finish.

The Macallan 65 Years Old 'Peerless Spirit' decanter and cask is set to retail at approximately $35,000 USD and only 450 individually numbered pieces have been created.

Posted on 9th September 2016

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