Investment in New Machinery

ItalpresseThis month, we've just taken delivery of some new machinery which will really enhance our joinery capabilities in the workshop. We have ordered an Italpresse 3.0mtr guillotine and veneer press to replace our 2.4mtr set.

So why have we bought this machine and what will it do to assist our clients?

A large proportion of our work is commissioned for premiere properties where floor to ceiling heights can be particularly tall and the trend towards ever taller panelling and cabinetry has meant that our existing 2.4 metre long veneering system is no longer suitable for a proportion of our clients' needs. To increase efficiency and programme delivery for these items we have invested in a new guillotine and veneer press to increase capacity to 3 metres. To accommodate these new pieces of equipment and increase capacity generally we have relocated the entire veneering process into a newly acquired workshop.

Posted on 2nd December 2015

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