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Neil gives a number of on-site talks to the larger interior design and architects practises, two of which were BLA Architects (February 2015) and 1508 London (April 2015). There is always a good turnout as interior joinery is major part of any high-end residential project but as Neil views a CPD as educational not a sales pitch the level of information and detail can be quite intense, which usually results in quite a number of attendees reviewing a lot of what they take for granted as well as what thought they knew.

BLA Architects Ltd "Having worked with NEJ Stevenson on a number of projects in the past, I went to their full-day CPD last year (2014) at their workshop and found it incredibly interesting and useful. I invited Neil down to give a CPD to the rest of the company thinking we would get a condensed version of this talk. He took the time to visit and go through exactly what we would find most applicable and exciting and he built a bespoke CPD around our needs.

We would like to thank Neil and N.E.J. Stevenson for the time, help and guidance they have given and look forward to continue learning and working with them in the future."

Nick Holloway, BLA Architects Ltd

Posted on 2nd July 2015

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