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The idea of regularly inviting people from all areas of the design and build community was first mooted at the 2006 Royal Warrant Holders Luncheon. Everyone enjoyed the chance to relax and discuss at leisure their interests and anxieties for the industry, whilst learning something new from people across inter-connected disciplines.

Our initial concerns of whether anybody would be able to find time for lunch were quickly dispelled. We have kept the format fairly simple, no more than eight people and a range of interests. We always try to include: architects, contractors, designers and hopefully a representative of our heritage industry and/or a member of the Royal Household. The strength of the event is largely down to the popularity of the format, the convivial surroundings and our shared passion for design, manufacturing and construction. Perhaps this is why we have welcomed nearly three-hundred guests since its inception.

Lunch has now become something of an institution with a regular date of the last Thursday of every month (excluding August and December). Proceedings start around 1.00pm and typically finish between 4pm and 6pm as guests are often unwilling to leave the conversation.

Click here to read the latest lunch report - London Lunches Q1 2014.

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