Limited Editions

The luxury drinks packaging market was not one that any of us at N.E.J. Stevenson had ever considered as an area of potential work but having now completed three major projects the fit seems an obvious one. The finest Whisky, Cognac and Champagne is crafted with the same attention to detail that we bring to our bespoke furniture commissions and what could be better for the finest vintages than the finest handcrafted boxes.

When a fine bottle of premium Whisky is valued in the tens of thousands then a nice cardboard box is simply not good enough. The packaging has to reflect the value of the product and therefore only the finest veneers and hand-cut dovetails will do. Craft although important is little without an innovative design process and our instinctive reaction to question our clients about their preconceptions has allowed us to deliver solutions that have vastly exceeded the original brief. Our packaging transcends the line from mere product container to a valued product in its own right.

There are very few luxury brands that have the confidence to opt for packaging that has no external branding; relying instead on the quality of the design and craftsmanship to deliver a message of concealed excellence, to a clientele who collaborate in maintaining the secret of what lies within; avoiding the brash advertisement of crass consumerism.

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