Consultation & Design

To obtain a successful outcome on each of the projects we undertake, we place a great deal of importance on understanding the clients' requirements, influences and expectations. From the outset we rely heavily on an in-depth consultation with a member of our senior design team, who will act as a critical friend to fully question the premise upon which the work is to be undertaken.

When the full extent of the brief has been defined and other factors such as your timescales and budgets have been taken into consideration, we will then produce drawings or sketches, scale models or computer renderings as appropriate.

Almost all our design work starts with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper having spent time with the client trying to tease out the important elements which will influence the project. A range of sketches are developed to establish the direction before more detailed 2D CAD drawings are used in order to work out the finer points of proportion and construction. For some projects this is all that is needed along with physical material samples.

On other projects it may be necessary to develop photo realistic computer renderings. These are an ideal way of a client being able to see an almost exact representation of the finished piece before committing to a design. Dependent on the client's needs an entire room can be modelled so that not only the piece but the setting can be viewed as well.

There is a cost attached to this type of work but where the value of the piece is significant the cost is easily justified. At this stage it is relatively easy to make changes to colours and timbers which would be undesirable and expensive during the manufacturing process. However, significant changes to the design will normally require a completely new drawing.

Once the design and sampling processes are completed to everyone's satisfaction, we can then issue a final set of design drawings and a specification for you to sign-off.

In summary:-

  • Conduct initial assessment to consider the project requirements.
  • Preliminary budget submitted for approval.
  • Submission of drawings/sketches or models where appropriate.
  • Final design approved.
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Regardless of whether we're producing detailed commercial tenders or a simplified budget the estimating process is very similar for each client.

Once the initial specification has been discussed, we will provide you with a simple estimate to establish that our service is right for your needs. Only once you are entirely satisfied with the final design would we submit you a more detailed costing.

This detailed costing document includes a summary that specifies the key elements within the project and their total costs, followed by an itemised breakdown specifying each individual element and its related costs.

In addition to this, we also include specification pages that further clarify materials, construction methods and exclusions to ensure that you are entirely satisfied we have completely understood your requirements.

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Once we have agreed the design and costs with you, your commission is assigned to one of our Designers, who is responsible for monitoring the project right through to the final delivery of your furniture.

The Designer will produce detailed working drawings and technical documentation so that internally we can order your materials and programme a schedule of activity for our craftsmen. The Designer will also commission our sub-contractors to undertake specialised crafts in order to provide a complete service.

We would encourage you to visit our workshops at any stage, whether that's to view and assess your commission or simply to agree the finer points such as handle selection and positioning. Our designers and craftsmen take a keen interest in their work and value an interaction with the client for whom they are applying their skills.

In summary:-

  • Dedicated support from the Designer, from approval of the brief to the final installation.
  • Our clients are always welcome to visit our Workshop at any stage. All we ask is that you arrange your visit with the Designer in advance.

Makers Plate

Our new Maker's Plates add the finishing touches to our bespoke furniture. Manufactured in brass and then nickel-plated these discs are usually sited in unobtrusive places. The exact position can be discussed with the clients as part of the design process.

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Once your furniture is close to completion our Project Delivery Manager will arrive at your premises to ensure the site is ready for final delivery and installation and to ensure any issues relating to personal health and safety compliance are also adhered to.

We could be working within our clients' home or in protected heritage buildings and therefore, we never underestimate what level of disruption and anguish any major installation can cause. Consequently, before any of our installations commence our staff will safeguard your buildings contents within their approved working areas and our uniformed installation teams will do everything feasible to make the experience as trouble free as possible.

We believe this stage is just as important as any of the actual work carried out in our workshops as it safeguards our clients' investment right up to the point you sign-off the final installation. Not until then can we leave your premises safe in the knowledge that you are totally satisfied with your unique crafted furniture.

In summary:-

  • Our Project Delivery Manager will safeguard your premises and your new furniture during on-site construction and fitting.
  • Health and Safety professionally managed.
  • Our uniformed, polite and courteous teams will ensure you have total peace of mind.
  • Your site will be left clean and tidy before acceptance of final installation.
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N.E.J. Stevenson has been producing uniquely crafted furniture for more than twenty-five years and is happy to provide support to all of our customers. Whilst we can't offer unconditional guarantees for our work we are invariably willing to look after our old friends by keeping your furniture looking like new with limited or no charge when the remedial repairs are minimal. Where more significant work may be required or additional elements added to the original projects, the archived drawings and samples allow almost perfect matching to the original furniture.

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